I’ve enjoyed writing since I learned to read, back in first grade in Saginaw, Michigan. My first truly creative endeavor went something like this:


I wrote long, convoluted stories during my school years. Then, at Michigan State, I majored in English and took every creative writing course they offered. Years later, I returned to college for a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and worked for a large group of pediatricians. Raising a family and working took priority over writing, until the day I answered an ad in a magazine from The Institute for Children’s Literature. I took their introductory course, submitted a query to a children’s magazine, and sold my first article.


My stories and articles have been published in Appleseeds, Learning Through History, Insight, and other periodicals, both in print and online. I’ve written two yet-to-be-published novels; a contemporary for young adults about a girl who opens a B&B on a northern Michigan island, and a historical for middle grade readers, based on a real survivor of the sinking of the Titanic.

I’m crazy about historical fiction and love movies based on true stories. If it really happened to someone, I want to know more! I love researching the past, digging up behind-the-scenes information about people and events, and trying to understand what life was like at the time.

As an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers, I enjoy attending the national conferences as well as chapter gatherings in Michigan. I’m the wife of Matt, my college sweetheart, and mom to two adult children and an awesome son-in-law. I write and edit material for a nonprofit organization and an investment banking firm.

You can find me on Facebook at Writer Peggy Wirgau and on Twitter. I also contribute to The Barn Door (www.thebarndoor.net) on the 14th of every month.

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